teacher with student

Bay Area Technology School (“BayTech”) originally opened in 2004, founded by a dedicated group of scientists and engineers who saw a need for a quality STEM-themed secondary school in Oakland.  After eight years in downtown Oakland, in 2012-13 BayTech moved 10 miles to its current home in Deep East Oakland (District 7) where it has been located for over 10 years. Expanding from 250 to 350 students over the past 5 years, BayTech has maintained a small school feel where faculty and staff know each student individually and ensure open communication and partnership with parents to provide a well rounded education for all of our students. As one of the oldest charter schools remaining in Oakland, BayTech continues to serve the East Oakland community providing tuition-free quality education to this day.

In 2004, the “tech” in “BayTech” originally stood for the integration of the STEM curriculum through the use of “modern” technology such as computers. As BayTech evolved with the boom of technology in the early part of the 21st century where technology was being integrated into almost all educational programs, BayTech focused more on the use of data-driven practices and habits as core components in differentiating instruction. Using data to identify and address students’ individual learning needs is a school-wide priority that is being integrated into professional development, teacher instructional practices and activities in the classroom.

BayTech is also known for its high graduation rate and dedication to make certain that all students who graduate from BayTech are college and career ready. This includes focusing on the A-G Admission Requirements for University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) schools to ensure all students have the opportunity to pursue higher education at a 4 year institution. The graduation requirements at BayTech include these A-G Admission Requirements meaning that all students who graduate with a BayTech diploma qualify for admissions to all UC and CSU colleges.

In conjunction with the 20th anniversary, BayTech is also opening a brand new state-of-the-art facility in Fall of 2024 located in the Fruitvale area, which will be BayTech’s new permanent home. Our mission to provide quality and personalized education to underserved populations will continue in this new space welcoming students from all across Oakland to the new location.