Prerequisites: None

Grades: 9th-12th

Credit: 5 Credits

Life Skills and Health is a one-semester elective course that surveys basic concepts and teaches critical thinking on health and life skills related topics. Students will study health and life issues from the perspective of each physical, psychological, social and environmental health. They will learn skills to promote healthy living in all of these areas and how to set health-centered goals they can carry with them throughout their lives.

The Life Skills and Health Course is based on the California State Content Standards for Health Education, Grades 9-12. According to these standards, there are four major characteristics essential to health literacy. Health-literate individuals are:

  • Critical thinkers and problem solvers when confronting health problems and issues
  • Self-directed learners who have the competence to use basic health information and services in health-enhancing ways
  • Effective communicators who organize and convey beliefs, ideas, and information about health issues
  • Responsible and productive citizens who help ensure that their community is kept healthy, safe, and secure

Students who complete this course will be health literate individuals who can apply these skills as they grow into adulthood.