Prerequisites: English 3

Grades: 12th

Credit: 10 Credits

This course will include a survey of British Literature from Beowulf to the Elizabethan Period, use various methods to both read and understand the world view of the writers who wrote during this period. In addition students will be required to do a major project during each term. This course provides accelerated preparation for college by focusing on refining and mastering skills in writing, reading, literary analysis, speaking, and listening. Reading assignments will focus on critical reading skills in mainly British literature. Students will write a variety of papers, ranging from literary interpretation to college application essays. Through the use of selected readings, films, recordings and guest speakers, students will explore answers to the essential question: How does literature reflect culture and self? Class discussion is an important aspect of the course. Students are encouraged to learn by participating in the development of concepts and the solutions of problems. The student’s ability to criticize and analyze will be challenged in term projects/papers, essays, tests, and presentations. Vocabulary study in preparation for PSAT will continue.