Prerequisites: English 2

Grades: 11th

Credit: 10 Credits

Students will read and respond to historically or culturally significant works of American literature, analyzing recurrent themes in depth. Focus is also on characteristics of subgenres (e.g., satire, parody, and allegory, pastoral), analysis of irony, tone, mood, style, voice, imagery, and figures of speech. Readings will trace the development of American literature from the colonial period forward, contrasting major periods, themes, styles, and cultures, as well as philosophical, political, and social influences of each period. Readings will enhance students’ study of U. S. history in the junior year. Juniors will have a rigorous composition experience as well as undertake an in-depth study of American’s writers and literary trends to answer the essential question: How does American Literature reflect and shape the national identity and culture of the United States? Students will write analytical essays and personal responses to the literature read from the genres of novels, dramas, short stories, and poetry. Vocabulary study in preparation for SAT will continue.