Prerequisites: Freshman English

Grades: 10th

Credit: 10 Credits

Tenth Grade Language Arts at BayTech will use World Literature to focus our minds upon learning of the world and its place in history. Students will develop their skills in reading, thinking, writing, listening, and speaking through in-depth study of world literature in a variety of genres and through researching informational materials. The course of study complements the student’s study of world history in the tenth grade. Students will develop their personal vocabularies and demonstrate understanding of word meanings (literal, figurative, denotative, and connotative) and word origins, including words from Greek, Roman, and Norse mythology.

This course will serve as a wide survey course, but preparatory for future survey-style literature courses in both upper division high school classes and college settings. As well, we will be working quite heavily on test preparation with a mind to such as AIMS, SAT, PSAT, and COMPASS tests. During the year, students will read copiously, write critically, and even draft a college entrance essay.