Main Board Policy Page

0000 Philosophy, Goals, Objectives and Comprehensive Plans

- Students with Disabilities

1000 Community Relations

- Social MediaPolicy

- Visitors, Outsiders and Volunteers Policy

- SchoolVisitation

- Uniform Complaint Policy

- Williams Complaint and Form

Public Records Request Policy

2000 Administration
3000 Business and Non-instructional Operations

- Meal ChargePolicy

- FCMAT Fiscal Policy and Procedures

Internal Complaint Procedures for Complaints Relating to Pupil Nutrition

4000 Personel

- HiringPolicy

-Professional Boundaries

- NepotismPolicy

- FMLA Policy

- Civil and Legal Rights Policy

5000 Students

- 504 Policy, Procedures, ParentRights

- Admissions and EnrollmentPolicy

- Attendance and Truancy Protocol withSARB

- Discrimination, Unlawful Harassment and RetaliationPolicy

- Student WellnessPolicy

- Promotion Retention

- Educational Records and Student Information

Suicide PreventionPolicy

- Suspension/Expulsion Policy

- Student Freedom of Speech Expression Policy

- Plan for Transgender Students

6000 Instruction

Cell Phones, Pagers and Electronic Signaling Devices

- School Sponsored Trips

- Independent Study Policy

- Short Term Independent Study

- Student Technology Policy and Acceptable UserAgreement

- Title I Policy

- Education for Homeless Children and Youth Policy

- English LearnersPolicy

Internal Complaint Procedures for Complaints Relating to Special Education

7000 Facilities
9000 Board Bylaws

- Conflict of Interest Policy

-Policy Implementing the Govt. Code 1090