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BayTech is a tuition free public charter school that is open to all students, including students with special needs and language barriers! BayTech es una escuela publica y gratis, esta disponible a todos estudiantes incluyendo necesidades especiales y barreras idiomatica.
List of Courses » Spanish II

Spanish II

Prerequisites: Spanish 1

Grades:  10 -12

Credit: 10 Credits
The purpose of the course at this level is to reinforce and increase the knowledge of Spanish structures and, at the same time, generate better skills in oral expression.

This course is intended for students with a basic knowledge of Spanish and a working acquaintance with at least, fifty percent of the contents of the first level. The grammar exercises at this level will be related to everyday language and conversation. Students will engage in dialogues and practice giving instructions and directions to improve their conversational skills. 

Different methods will be implemented (audiovisual, magisterial, immersion). The active participation of the students will be highly encouraged. In addition to the cassette tapes and sequential drawings, outside-of-the-classroom interviews will be used to strengthen the students’ comprehension and conversational skills. Cultural immersion, cultural differences and historical perspective are addressed within the context of the language study.

Cultural events, field trips, games, lectures, readings, films and participation in professional events concerning the students’ field of interest are offered.