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List of Courses » AP Biology

AP Biology

Prerequisites: Honors Biology, Honors Chemistry

Grades:  11, 12

Credit: 10 Credits; Weighted Course*

Advanced Placement Biology assumes students are familiar with basic biological concepts. A primary goal is to provide experiences and information equivalent to first year college biology and to help the student gain an understanding of many biological processes and principles. It's a comprehensive survey of general biology that includes biochemistry, cellular biology, molecular genetics and heredity, biotechnology, diversity, structure and function of organisms, and ecology and evolution. Descriptive and experimental lab exercises are a vital part of this class.
A very important thing to remember is that the 12 lab exercises that are included in the AP Course Description are provided as examples of exercises that meet certain objectives. The AP Exam always includes questions that reflect the objectives, not the specific laboratory protocols.

To succeed in AP Biology students must be highly motivated to learn.  Reading requirements for the course are rigorous and require a daily commitment in-order to stay caught up in the class. Juniors and seniors who have had at least a year of biology and a year of chemistry prior to taking AP Biology best master the concepts. AP Biology can be the course that gives meaning and context to all of the high school science a student has studied. As their understanding deepens, they appreciate how physics and chemistry ultimately explain biology, and those subjects become less abstract.