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BayTech is a tuition free public charter school that is open to all students, including students with special needs and language barriers! BayTech es una escuela publica y gratis, esta disponible a todos estudiantes incluyendo necesidades especiales y barreras idiomatica.

School Board

Board Members 
Name Duty/Role Email Phone 
Kairat Sabyrov President 612-987-7412
Fatih Dagdelen Director  415-629-4258
Volkan Ulukoylu Director 510-589-2734
Amy Holt  Director   510-206-0988 
Elissa Graham Director
Board Meeting Agenda and Minutes - 2017-2018
“Meetings held, items discussed, and actions taken/decisions made during the March 5, May 7, and May 30 Board meetings are null and void. A special Board meeting will be held on July 9, 2018, to take action on items from those three Board meetings.”
Board Meeting Agenda - 2016-2017


Board Meeting Agendas - 2015-2016

Board Meeting Agendas - 2014-2015

Board Meeting Agendas - 2013-2014

Board Meeting Agendas - 2012-2013