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BayTech is a tuition free public charter school that is open to all students, including students with special needs and language barriers! BayTech es una escuela publica y gratis, esta disponible a todos estudiantes incluyendo necesidades especiales y barreras idiomatica.

Parent - Teacher Conference - Oct 22-24!

 We'll be more than happy to see you at Parent-Teacher Conference begins on October 22-24! Please join the organization, one of our most esteemed Parent-Teacher collaborative activities at school.


Parent/Teacher Conferences are scheduled on October 22-24! Parents are welcome to walk in and meet teachers during 4:00PM-6:30PM. 


Ways to sign up:

1. Call the school at (510) 382 9932.
2. E-mail us at

During the conferences, all after school clubs will be canceled except for homework, computer, basketball, and soccer clubs. 

You will be able to schedule one hour to meet with four teachers, for 15 minutes each to discuss your child’s academic and behavioral progress. 

Your participation in the Parent/Teacher Conferences is extremely important for your child’s success and will be appreciated.

Please choose your available dates from the list according to your priority order. We will choose one of your choices based on our availability. Students who have failing grades will have priority in scheduling.

Please expect a confirmation from the office.

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